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succotash wishes and passive-aggressive love notes

it's not true, but rumor has it.

the boy himself
7 April
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I wait, I drink, I don't drink, I smoke, I don't smoke, I eat, I don't eat, I meet, I don't meet, I move, I remain, I stay. I wait.

"I love the word aloha because it means goodbye and hello. It reflects duality with purpose, a willingness to be in transition but not uncertain." (1/14/06)


"And if you're not engaged, then people pass you, and time, and seasons, and eventually everything. And you're stuck, and you're floating, and you're not really there at all. And you miss those who've gone; and you miss those who've stayed." (11/24/04)


"Besides being chickenshit, there's the baseline of a fear, impractical though it may be, of imperfection. That is, that it won't be like a movie, at all. That it'll be real and more work and altogether no fun.

Oh, that's just a pretense. But I have to say, it's far more attractive to compile a scrapbook full of movie moments that can mean whatever I so please and which I can, through selective memory (post-production editing), shape to my liking." (10/28/03)


"It'll be a party deluxe and I'll be fine for a weekend on my own (and I won't sleep the whole time--seriously) because I'm independent and think people smell like socks most of the time, so it's all peas and gravy. Still, I took this impromptu trip with its impromptu invite as a sign that perhaps I didn't want to be alone all the time and wouldn't it be romantic if we met on the Cafe car and saw the Empire State building and had eggs for breakfast on Sunday? Wouldn't that be splendid and out of the ordinary and not like my life at all and worthwhile?

Why yes. Why? Yes." (8/7/04)


I wish I could deal with this long distance relationship between me and cheesesteak.


Um, I, basically, am fantastic. As I told my entire high school when running for student council president. And, as I recall, Sophie Hammacher cheered.
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